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Commercial Pool Services in Polk County, FL

When you own or manage a commercial pool, you have much more to consider than just the pH level. You have to meet health department regulations as well as any community or HOA expectations. Your pool and the area around it must meet high safety and sanitation criteria. James Pool Care has experience and training you can trust to keep your commercial pool compliant. We offer a full range of commercial pool services and remodeling services. When you need commercial pool maintenance, tile installation, leak detection or repairs, give us a call.
Commercial Pool Services - Polk County, FL - James Pool Care

Cleaning and Maintenance

Routine cleaning and maintenance are essential for commercial pools. Get expert care for your pool with the commercial pool specialists at James Pool Care. We will ensure that your pool is in compliance with all regulations and that all of your equipment is in working order and properly maintained so that an unexpected pump failure doesn't cause you problems down the line.

Repairs and Remodeling

When problems do occur, or when it's time to upgrade your pool equipment or the surrounding area, we provide professional quality repairs and full commercial pool remodeling to meet all of your needs. Need some advice on the best equipment for your pool renovation? Give the experts a call. We're happy to assist you however we can.

Commercial Pavers

Need a new surface around your pool? Concrete pavers are a safe and aesthetic option. These heavy-duty interlocking slabs are sure to make your pool area look great. James Pool Care offers paver installation for your commercial pool. We are happy to order pavers for you contingent on procurement of our paver installation services.
Contact James Pool Care in Polk County, Florida at (863) 686-9115 to find out how we can help your commercial pool.